20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

Have you ever felt like you were dating the wrong man in your life? Or are you in a relationship where you really feel distressed, or dismayed at the idea that your partner’s current actions, ideas and beliefs are leading you to feel like you’re dating the wrong man?

So if you are dating a man and you know yourself something is not right, then maybe give it some time to think about and time to let go.

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

In this article, you will certainly learn 20 major warning signs that you’re dating the wrong man.

1. You hated the changes you’ve made to yourself

One day, you discover yourself unhappy with all the adjustments you made on your own. If you feel like, you always try hard to change yourself so you can meet his expectations, then I think you’re dating the wrong man.

Your man should make you feel like “I’m happy for who I am today and truly become a better person.”

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

2. When asked if you’re happy with him, you can’t immediately say YES

You’re answers like “Maybe, Yes..but” That’s the fact that you are dating the wrong man. If both of you truly love and devoted to each other, it’s the best feeling that you can’t never deny all the times. 

3. Your friends and family

If most of your friends and family are determined on the fact that your relationship with him is just so bad and you are starting to stay away from them because you keep denying yourself and being blinded. Then, you are dating the wrong man, it’s time to listen.

Having a relationship with him should make you feel happier and proud, if he truly loves you and respect you, he will do the same to the people who are important to you. He would make some effort to make your friends and most importantly your family that he is the right man for you. 

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

4. You are just so pissed most of the time

When you think of him, you immediately feel mad and dismayed. You feel annoyed most of the time about what’s going on with your relationship with him. 

You’re absolutely dating the wrong man, when you can’t even feel happy for yourself.

5. You’re always trying to find a reason to keep loving him

If you’re are in a relationship where you feel like you always want to list out the pros and cons, then you’re missing out that love is a feeling.

If you’re relationship with him isn’t making you feel great, then what else is exists? 

6. He tried very hard to change you

This is a sign that he can’t accept you for who you are, and he wants to form a new image of you so he can find a reason to enjoy or love you.

You know this feeling is making you unhappy and you lost your self-esteem because of that. Then he is the wrong man.

7. He won’t support your passion

When you want to pursue something that you are passionate about, he will always try to drag you down. A man who absolutely loves you will certainly and never try to take away what you enjoy. 

Your man should always be your number one supporter and will always lift your spirits high when it comes to pursuing your passion. 

8. He cheats on you

The man who truly loves his woman will never cheat on her and that’s called respect. And so, you discover that he cheated on you, that’s an obvious sign that he is the wrong man!

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

9. You’re constantly cheating on him, as he cheated on you

You’re absolutely dating the wrong man, if you can’t even find yourself anymore. For whatever reason that you’re doing it, you seriously need to re-evaluate yourself and the entire relationship with him.

10. You’re both arguing everyday

It’s normal to have some disagreements, however if both of you is just fighting and arguing every day, then it’s an obvious sign that there is something wrong with the relationship. 

If both of you can’t sit and listen to each other, then it’s the fact that you’re dating the wrong man.

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

11. He makes broken promises

If someone does not recognize and know the significance of keeping a promise, that person isn’t worthy to be even become your friend. 

A man with a one word, is worth keeping for and fighting for, so if he made thousand broken promises, then you’re dating the wrong man. 

12. He is always lying

You found out that he is lying, and the trust has been broken. And if you regularly feel like he is lying and making excuses, then he already failed of being faithful to you. 

Why would you want to be in a relationship where you constantly need to feel like questioning him and making suspicious about him all the time? 

13. He makes you wait

I hate it, when a person can never make it on time. And showing up late on the first date, then next date and so on? That’s absolutely a messed up!

Then you are already in a relationship with him, for how long? Years? 5,10 years? And what..for all those years you waited patiently but he failed to make you feel like you are his priority. 

Damn, he would make excuses and still you feel like waiting in vain. You’re hoping he would propose for all those years that you’ve been in a relationship with him, but he didn’t make any effort, then you’re absolutely waiting for someone that will never be yours!

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

14. You’re never feel completely happy being with him

Whenever you are with him, you feel something is missing in the relationship. You might be in the most beautiful place on earth with him, but you can’t completely enjoy yourself, and you can’t even appreciate the beauty of nature, because it’s the fact that you’re dating the wrong man. 

It’s not about the place you travel, it’s about the person you go with. If you are truly happy with him, wherever you go together will always be fun and memorable. 

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

15. He beat you

This is absolutely unacceptable, never ever let the man beat you both physically and mentally. When he humiliates you or bully you, it’s time to go and love yourself. He is not worth keeping for and you have to accept the fact that he is the wrong man for you.

16. Same sense of humor

Can’t joke to each other because you know it’s not something you can laugh about. You can’t have some fun time with him even in just a simple and funny conversation.

17. You can’t connect with him

Having a conversation deeply to your man is something that connects your soul together, if you can’t have any deep and meaningful conversation with him, then he is not emotionally ready or not serious to be in a long-term relationship with you.

18. You can’t imagine a future with him

If you can’t even see a future with him, then it’s never going to happen. If you can’t imagine yourself spending your life with him, then cut the cord and don’t jeopardize the rest of your life and end up with a man who isn’t good for you. 

19. He is very dependent on you

Oh first date, you pay the bills, then you dated again and because you are so blinded in love with him, you live with him, and you let yourself being used and is the one who’s paying all the bills and feeding him! And all that, he never tries to make an effort to show respect to you, he never tries to get a job and become a responsible man and he is totally dependent on you. Wow what a lucky man, right?

Come on girl, knock yourself out…wake up and learn to love yourself if you are dating and being with this kind of man!

20 Warning Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Man

20. Spoiling him more than you spoil yourself

You don’t take care of yourself anymore, and you work way too hard to support his needs, and you wants to please him all the time. You are afraid to let him go because you are too scared of being alone.

If you are this girl, reading this by now..I hope this will help you realize how

If any of the above 20 signs happen way too much, then you’re dating the wrong man! Wake up girl, don’t wait too long, learn to love yourself and remember you deserve the best friend and the best man.

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