The Ultimate Quick Guide On Ways to Fully Live an Independent Life.

Being independent isn’t always about making money – although that’s certainly a part of it. Independence requires traits such as discipline, resourcefulness, determination and focus.

Also, having the faith that things will work out coming together is a huge help. Hope this article will somehow provide you a quick lowdown on ways to fully live an independent life.

Here are 5 ultimate simple and quick guide on welcoming a fully live independent life.


In some foreign countries, kids leave home right after they reached 18 years of age. However, in countries like the Philippines, children could still live with their parents even after getting married.

Having your own place is a risk especially when you’re leaving the comfort of your own home. But embracing your own freedom and owning up to your grown-up responsibilities is totally rewarding.

It lets you gain self-fulfillment. Also, it is an evidence that even when you’re alone, you can survive.


When you started living by yourself, you will be more open and sensitive to the things that you need to do. While being independent means standing on your own feet and not bothering your parents, it also means that you have to start doing the household chores on your own.

It’s not easy at first especially if you’ve been parent-dependent your whole life. But once you decided to learn, everything will start running smoothly.

You are now expected to clean your own place, cook your own food, do your own laundry, and some maintenance work if necessary. These tasks may sound tiring however, adding another skill set isn’t always a bad idea.


When you have your finances on a good status, chances are you will be able to do more and achieve more. It’s easier for you to dream big since the possibility of attaining it is clearer.

Being financially independent takes a lot of discipline. You need to sort out the wants versus the needs – the necessities and the luxuries. Your attitude towards savings needs to have a serious focus.

Once you started, continue until you reach your goal. And if you feel like giving up, look back and find the purpose as to why you started it in the first place.


A passive person that spends more than what he or she earns will have limited options in life and might end up being broke.

It’s is better to live a frugal life today and enjoy the fruit of your savings later on than splurging your money today and end up in debt later on in life.

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If you grew up being dependent on others in making decisions even in the simplest things, then this time everything will depend on you and your thoughts.

All the things that will happen to your life starting today will be your call. Remember to always take full responsibility of every decision that you’ll be making.

Learn how to weigh things before putting out your final say. Look at pros and cons of every situation. As much as possible, don’t make decisions when you’re too much happy or too angry.

Decide things with a clear mind and a calm heart. It’s okay to ask for help once in a while but don’t depend on them too much. It’s easier to accept the outcome of things when it is you who decided on how it should happen. And if things go bad, you can openly accept it without a heavy heart.

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Part of being independent is having the faith to live outside your safe zone to do great things. Facing and overcoming your fears to pursue what you always wanted feels invigorating.

You are pushing your doubts away to discover yourself more. Remember that there will be setbacks along the way but don’t let it break you. It will be demotivating, yes. But your life is not yet over.

Let yourself meet different people, experience new things and overcome obstacles. After all, independence is liberation.

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The Ultimate Quick Guide On Ways to Fully Live an Independent Life

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