What to Do and What Not to Do in Relationships – Top 10 List. #relationship #relationshipadvice #relationshiptips #relationshipsecrets #dating #datingtips #datingadvice #marriage #marriagedating

What to Do and What Not to Do in Relationships – Top 10 List.

A lot of us, who have been intimately involved with a person beyond the infatuation stage, know that relationships are like a rollercoaster ride.

When things are going great, you feel like you feel invincible and like you are floating on air. When things are bad, you feel weak and helpless.

Here is the Top 10 Lists for men and women to do and not to do in relationships.


1. Accept and approve his “No” response gracefully for things he is not able to do for you.

2. No matter how much he likes you, he really can’t read your mind, so express your feelings and ask for what you want.

3. Be an inspiration to him by supporting his goals and ambitions in life.

4. Honor any arrangements or agreements you have made with him.

5. Don’t be worried to start lovemaking. Make love creatively and often.

6. Let him know that you appreciate every little thing he does for you.

7. Allow him to have some space and time away from you without giving him the third degree and with all your trust.

8. Communicate without nagging.

9. Respect and trust him.

10.  When you want more quality time with him, treat the moment preciously.


1.  Try to change him.  Appreciate and value the man he is now.  Accept his imperfections.  Nobody is perfect.   

2. Violate his privacy.

3.  Compare him to a fictional personality in a book, movie, or someone else you know and find him lacking.

4. Use sex as a reward for good behavior or withholding of sex as penalty for “bad” actions.

5. Scold him as if he were a kid.

6. Criticize him or put him down, especially the things he does.

7. Continue to “offer” in what you perceive is an unbalanced relationship when you are at a point of resentment.

8. Try to talk with him throughout a good movie or an event.

9. Insist that he must always share his feelings with you. Speaking about feelings is a lot more what women need.

10. Go to sleep upset with your partner.


1. When you’ve done something you are sorry for or that was upsetting to her, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Say, “I’m Sorry”

2. Learn what she would like to do and after that do it with her.

3. Motivate her goals and direction.

4. Recognize any agreements you have made with her.

5. Do little things often. The small things are worth simply as much as the big ones.

6. Continue your courtship even after she’s devoted and committed to you. Remain to create romance in your relationship.

7. Stay with her and show your support when she gets emotional. She is seeking understanding, not solutions.

8.  Trust, value and respect her.

9.  Listen to her without providing any advice.

10.  Treat her as an equal partner in your relationship.


1. Forget special occasions.

2. Breach her personal privacy.

3. Allow jealousy to erode the love, trust, and respect of your relationship.

4. Take every word she claims literally. Women, when distressed, often tend to talk in absolutes, such as “You NEVER listen to me;” when what she truly mean is that you aren’t listening to her at that time.

5. Yell at her as if you were her daddy.

6. Criticize her, specifically her looks.

7. Close her out when you need to sort things out in your head. Just explain you need some space, you aren’t upset with her and that you will be back.

8. Act like you are listening to her when you truly aren’t.

9. Attempt to provide advice or solutions when all she needs is just for you to pay attention to her without comment.

10. Go to bed upset with her.

There is so much to discover and learn about satisfying relationships with your partner. Please do not come to be one of the statistics of divorce or maybe worse, like being in an unpleasant and miserable relationship to honor your marital relationship promises while having so many regrets about your life as the time passes away.

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What to Do and What Not to Do in Relationships – Top 10 List. #relationship #relationshipadvice #relationshiptips #relationshipsecrets #dating #datingtips #datingadvice #marriage #marriagedating

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