Long distance relationships are far from easy. It is a sacrifice. You have to be ready to transcend the loneliness caused by the distance and also the paranoia caused by knowing he is thus far away. And you must bear with the things that compose long distance relationships.

Once you’ve got determined to get into it, and determined to never yield of each other despite the distance between you and your partner, then congratulate yourself as it takes an excellent amount of maturity to be ready to face this “struggle”.

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are full of twists and turns. You have to wait and see in watching for the time after you and your partner can meet once again. You will pay most of your time missing him, questioning what he’s been doing right that very moment.

Spend unforgettable events in your lives without him beside you, thinking and worrying about the never ending “what ifs”.

As I actually have said, Long distance relationships are never simple. But mind you, if each of you gets through the blocks, then it is all worth it. Once the moment came when you will see one another again, the pains are simply distant memory. But yet again, the pain of saying goodbye is still there.

In most cases wherever lovers keep on with long distance relationships, the sweetness of each moments being shared are amazing. Some of the individuals I knew that are to long distance relationships are now blissfully living together.

As I have said, long distance relationships doesn’t work with some people. But yes, it could be successful when the two of you are mature enough to handle the distance, and most importantly is that both of you have trust and faith to each other.

I had been with long distance with my past relationships. And all of them didn’t work, I struggled and I must confess, I was young and wasn’t really mature enough to handle the distance. But then, once I cleaned up my acts and maturity, I didn’t give up and find love again. I found love via online dating and again it’s a long distance relationship.

I learned to trust my partner and have faith in him and magic happens. He is now my husband and we are blissfully living together.

Here are important factors in maintaining healthy and surviving long distance relationships.

1. Mutual feeling to each other

First and foremost, both partners involved in long distance relationships should have mutual feelings to each other. That’s the very basic. Because long distance relationships won’t work if the two of you are not greatly in love, you will just be fooling yourselves.

2. Love with commitment

And of course, love comes together with commitment. Both of you should be committed with each other, that you will be bonded by the love you have disregarding the distance between you and your partner and whatever the struggles may come.

3. Trust and faith

Trust and faith also comes along as the third factor and also the most necessary. Distance between one another might cause you to fret most. It brought unhealthy and depressing thoughts concerning your partner. But once you’ve got trust and faith, long distance relationships will never be wasted.

4. Maturity

Lastly, each of you must be mature enough to handle long distance relationships. It will will not work with those who are immature. It will just drive your partner crazy.

Long distance relationships are pretty much as good as dreams, people who have gone through it have their own interesting stories to share. And most of them have succeeded the hardships of being concerned in long distance relationships. It only proves that if they can do it, and I did it! why can’t you?

You will discover that long distance relationships are even a lot of advantageous and exciting than the usual relationship where you get to see your partner any time you wish.

Remember the saying, absence makes the heart go fonder? It is true indeed for those who get involved in long distance relationships. Just bear in mind the factors that both of you should possess, and everything will all right.

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Long Distance Relationship

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