The 11 Essentials of Successful Goal Setting
The 11 Essentials of Successful Goal Setting
The 11 Essentials of Successful Goal Setting
The 11 Essentials of Successful Goal Setting
“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” – Orison Swett Marden Click To Tweet

Countless words have been created about goal setting. Millions of individuals set goals. Yet, most goals set by the majority of people remain unfinished.

I have developed (from experience and education) the eleven essentials of successful goal setting right here for you.

Follow these and you will be on your way to completing your goals. Below are straightforward explanations on how and why to establish and accomplish GOALS.

Your GOALS must be:

1. Motivational and Inspirational

Goals need to be motivational and inspirational. They need to arouse your interest and passion. This should be a consuming passion, not some impulse or ‘sooner or later I ‘d like to’ kind of feeling.

You should have the desire to passionately attain what you establish as a goal. It must drive you to actionable activities.  You need to feel satisfied in that action because you know that it is causing the fulfillment of your goals.

It is passion that drives you to keep moving forward towards your goal, and keeps you from getting distracted and discouraged. And it is passion that fuels your inspiration and motivation.

It is passion that draws others to you to help in achieving your goals, and influences you as well as others. It is enthusiasm that lights your way through the darkness that you will certainly find along the road.

"Be passionate about your goals. Life without passion is not a life; it is just an existence." Click To Tweet

2. Goal Setting – Original

Goals need to be original. That doesn’t mean they cannot coincide or be comparable to the goals that others might have.  It means that they need to be your own and not previously owned.

Many individuals established goals according to the hopes and assumptions that they have actually been set to have by moms, dads, instructors, society, or social standards.

Therefore, they do not own these objectives. You cannot have or hold onto what is not yours and even if you do manage to keep it, it will not have any kind of worth or meaning to you. What’s the point after that of having it? The genuine reason you establish and want to attain goals is not simply to have things, it is to be fulfilled, and be happy in the accomplishment of your success.

Establish goals that are yours; not acquired or assumed. If they are not your own original goals, even if you handle to achieve them, it will mean extremely little to you. Why waste your life going after something that will end up as worthless?

3. Goal Setting – Practical

Goals must be practical or realistic. There is no point in establishing a goal to live on Mars, if you are over the age of 85 today. The goals you set for yourself need to be possible within the framework of what humanly can be done.

4. Goal Setting – Harmonious

Goals must be harmonious. Clearly, you cannot have conflicting goals in life or you will certainly be conflicted. That’s the very easy part. Your goals, however, need to likewise be in harmony with your core ideas and your self-assigned purpose in life.

It is easy to recognize that having conflicting goals will raise your tension to a degree and frustrate you. However, people do that to themselves all the time.

It is not so easy to recognize that you might have some deep collection of unconscious game strategy for your life (whether from some fundamental spiritual desire or from some sense of undefined purpose) and the goals you set might actually be in problem with that real, but game plan.

Decide and determine who you are and what you are here to do and then establish your goals in alignment with that; or you, yourself, on a subconscious or very conscious level will continuously sabotaging your goals.

5. Goal Setting – Specific

Goals have to be detailed and specific. Goals like “I want to be a millionaire” are unworthy as the paper they are printed on. Rich needs to be defined. $1 million in the bank may mean abundant to most people yet it means inadequate to others.

This is the exact same for more ethereal goals. I wish to be happy means nothing. Happiness has to be defined simply as rich has to be defined. I want to be emotionally and spiritually satisfied is the same … meaningless, unless specified and defined.

6. Goal Setting – Idealistic

Goals should be idealistic. In two ways– they need to entail your personal ideals in the five stated areas of your life and they must be gradually greater or further in advance than you are where you are now.

If your goals are not harmonic with your ideals, you will be contrasted. Most people are, in some way, in conflict with the different aspect of self: Material as well as Financial; Physical, and Environmental (Health of body, house and world); Emotional and Relationship (Happiness, Love, Social contact); Mental and Educational (Learning, Awareness, Self-knowledge); Spiritual as well as Ethical (Unity, Life objective, Values, Sacredness). This is why they are dissatisfied and why they do not accomplish their highest possibility. Establish your goals in harmony to your ideals.

If your goals are not optimistic (in the sense that they are progressive), you will get bored and disappointed. Each goal accomplished is simply a stepping-stone to even more and higher success. It is not the end in itself.

7. Goal Setting – Visualize

Goals must be visualized. If you cannot see it as genuine and as real and also as a part of the means you live your life … it will certainly not happen.

Lots of people, when challenged with some relatively outrageous opportunity or goal, will comment, I’ll think it when I see it made actual, not simply some imaginary ideal. The daydreamers, schemers and also achievers of history all had a various technique …I see it. I believe it, and It is real if it exists in my visualization.

Imagine the truth and reality in your imagination and it will certainly become real in your manifestation.

8. Adaptable

Goals need to be adaptable. Some people miss the far better fulfillment of a goal due to the fact that their emphasis on the one they had originally pictured is too extreme and narrow to identify the better one when it turns up.

Make sure that you are focused on the most possible fulfillment of your goal, not just on the approach that you predicted that goal fulfillment taking place.

9. Make a note of

Goals should be written down. If it exists just in your head, it is just hopeful reasoning. This is the fundamental, proven by experience, reality of the matter … 95% of people that have actually specific created goals, accomplish them; and also 95% of people who have unwritten goals (details or not) do not.

If you can check out that sentence and not begin instantly to make a note of your goals, you could as well resign on your own to the fact that you will certainly not complete what you picture you want to be, do and have in life.

Yes, there are those few high achievers that take care of to set clear distinct goals without making and writing notes and manage to stay concentrated on them for their entire lives. Don’t fool yourself … if you are not one of those people. Write them down.

10. Time associated

Goals should be time associated. Everything exists in space and time. If something is not specified in time and space, it does not exist.

You must set particular times for your goals to be made manifest OR you will spend the rest of your life going towards you goals and never quite reaching them.

11. Affirmed

Goals must be affirmed. You should tell yourself throughout the day, on a daily basis, in your continuous conscious subconscious self-talk, that your goal is real and attainable.

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The 11 Essentials of Successful Goal Setting

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