Is all of it in your head? Are you unreasonable? Look for the signs that you’re not a top priority to him, to find where you actually stand.

There’s absolutely nothing quite as upsetting as getting the sinking sensation that your partner doesn’t see you as a concern, especially if you really wish to be with him.

Feeling in this way hurts completely. In situations where all you want is a happy relationship, getting this impression can make you feel betrayed, and in so much pain.

For several of us with low self-esteem, the trouble that normally maintains people in relationships isn’t a selfish partner. The issue is really determining if it’s time to go and if it’s really as negative as you assume it is.

Identifying where you truly stand can take a bit of time, but if you watch out for these indicators that you’re not his priority anymore, then you will be able to find your stance.


1. You feel extremely alone

Among the most noticeable signs you’re not a priority to him is how you really feel. Do you seem like you’re alone a lot even more than you are “together” with somebody? If you often find yourself acting like a “married single girl,” opportunities are that it’s due to the fact that you are.

2. He makes decisions without even consulting you

This is among those indicators that you’re not a priority to him, and that you could already be headed for a breakup. Typically, this begins with invites or occupation issues initially– and afterwards emerges all over else.

3. He puts other people first before you all the time

If you find on yourself really feeling like you’re in a love triangular, it’s commonly because you are. In a healthy relationship, you will certainly be the one he will please most than his friends or boss.

4. He always fails to remember important dates

Once again, this is among those signs that you’re not a top priority to him. If he can’t be bothered to make it to a date promptly, or can’t be troubled to keep in mind things that are necessary to you, he either does not care or he is the world’s most absent-minded person.


5. He doesn’t make time for you

No matter how busy he is, if you are really his priority, he will always find ways to make time for you. If he’s not making time for you, it’s already clear that you’re not his priority.

6. He doesn’t want to change

You caught him cheating, you ask him to stop, yet he still talk to another woman. If a guy doesn’t want to change regardless of seeing you upset, obviously you’re not his priority. If he is not ready to change, it’s the fact that he doesn’t care enough.

7. He doesn’t care to tell you anything

A man who opens up to his partner is a man who prioritizes her. If he is regularly deceptive, never intends to share his day, and he doesn’t want to connect with you, then you are not a priority to him.

So what it means when he stops trying and you see all this signs that you’re not his priority anymore?

It means something is missing in the relationship. What’s missing is something he needs in order to feel fully alive as a man.

That missing thing is what I want to tell you about. It’s an obsession all men have. But they rarely talk about it unless they are a psychologist with a Ph.D. in masculinity and male psychological needs and drives. But once you know about it, it’s really easy to see how you can use it to your advantage.

When a man stops trying…it’s because he has no outlet for this “obsession” …or at least not in his relationship with you. As a result, your relationship begins to wither and die. But it’s not too late. Learn to open the floodgates for this obsession. Then it will cause his energy to flow into his relationship with you. After that, all you have to do is sit back and watch him work on making the relationship something beautiful he can feel proud of.

The best place to start is here – watch this free video and learn why your man stops trying and isn’t more passionate about pursuing the relationship with you anymore and discover how you can flip on a Man’s “Obsession Switch” by Making Him See Romance as a Game He Can Win.



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