Life Lessons That We Need to Remind Ourselves Everyday.

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with our daily struggles that we forgot the importance of living. We unintentionally overlooked at the joys of life not realizing we are being too tough on ourselves.

Most of the times, we are merely existing in this world and not really living. And because of this dilemma, I have come up with five life lessons that we can apply to our everyday lives to make it more meaningful.

Life Lessons That We Need to Remind Ourselves Everyday

Here are five Life Lessons That We Need to Remind Ourselves Everyday.

1. Knowing your limits is different from quitting.

If you came into a point wherein you will be asked to do something but you feel like it’s beyond your capabilities, don’t be afraid to say NO. There is nothing wrong in rejecting something that you cannot do.

Not pushing yourself to do something you’re unfamiliar with doesn’t mean you are scared to take a leap outside your safe spot. Instead, it only shows how much you know yourself, your skills, and what is best for you.

However, if you are determined to at least try, give yourself ample time to learn and comprehend but do not strain yourself.

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2. Listen to your heart. Act with your brain.

Humans are made with both the heart and the brain. We use these organs in terms of decision making. Even though we were taught about the idea of following our heart, it is not always possible in reality.

More often than not, our heart is always emotionally invested on things. It relies more on its intuitive nature. The concept of right and wrong depends on how the heart perceive the situation.

Once our judgment was clouded by an overwhelming flood of emotion, we tend to overlook at facts and forget how to rationalize things. On the other hand, the brain usually ignores what the heart feels.

It is usually doing the opposite of what the heart does. The brain is more direct in achieving a goal and intentionally shrugging off even a small amount of gut feeling.

As a person, learn how to find balance between reason and intuition. Your heart and your brain should complement each other in making a decision instead of competing with one another.

3. Emotional healing takes time.

Life is all about timing and the same thing goes for healing. Like waiting for a fruit to become ripe, emotional healing takes time. You cannot force healing to happen just because you want it to.

It takes a lot of time, understanding, and patience. You need to fully accept what happened to you in order to heal. We have to face the different stages of healing before we grasp the true meaning of it.

Don’t feel pressured about healing quickly. Do it at your own phase. Do it when you think you’re 100% ready. The journey to recovery is never certain but the path towards it is rewarding.

4. Celebrate even the smallest victories.

Any accomplishments, great or small is always considered as a job well done. Be it saving a penny per day or not forgetting to throw out the trash, praise yourself for finishing a task.

It does not always have to be something huge to be considered important. Even the simplest homework that you crossed out off your list means something.

The ability to acknowledge even your tiny victories is an example of self-care. You will soon realize that it can motivate you to do something big and gives you sense of fulfillment. There’s a certain adrenaline that will help you finish more task in a shorter period of time.

Life Lessons That We Need to Remind Ourselves Everyday

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5. You are a valuable human being.

As a person, you should be treated with love, care and utmost respect. People grow well when they are loved and taken care of. Be confident with who you are as a person and don’t let others make you feel inferior without your consent.

Live your life the way you wanted it to be and live it without apologies. You are worth more that what you think so don’t just settle with less than what you deserve.

You might think at some point in your life that you are just a spec of dust in this big world and that your existence means nothing. But know that in this lifetime, there are people around who consider you as their world. You are valuable. You are priceless.

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Life Lessons That We Need to Remind Ourselves Everyday

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