8 Common Marriage Mistakes to Know Before Getting Married.

Every marriage starts with a great deal of hope and dream about life long association filled with love and togetherness. However, few of marital relationships meet the hopes of the participants in totality.

There are different reasons for this but here are 8 of those. Every young adult who is preparing marriage should know these most common mistakes.

1. Getting married for the sake of love

Marrying for the sake of love without first examining the depth of love.

We all know that all relationships start with a sense of love, shared liking and mutual feelings.

Devoting to a long-term relationship like marriage entirely on the basis of that sensation of love is a mistake. Since most of the time this kind of feeling is superficial and cannot pass the test of time.

Romantic feeling passes away as time passes and far more important problems like ‘family background’, ‘values’, ‘religious faith’, ‘monetary stability’ raise their head, and these concerns are of genuine importance which almost everybody with feeling of mutual love neglect.

8 Common Marriage Mistakes to Know Before Getting Married

2. Marrying someone without same interest and hobby

Marrying a person who does not share an interest or hobby does not itself make the marriage unsteady, existence of such an interest or hobby can make life more satisfying for both the partners.

And this can make a genuine difference so while picking life partner this element need to be taken into consideration. However, for some reason or other this aspect is typically ignored before marriage.

And efforts begin after marriage to adapt the partner to one’s own interest or establish a new common interest. While that is not a difficult task, the process of adjusting may end up being unpalatable and might cause unstable marital relationship.

3. Knowing what concerns to ask for checking compatibility

To make a marriage successful one must do some simple research. Knowledge of future partner’s background and other things can play an essential role.

However, lots of young people either do not attempt to know all these crucial facts or do not understand what are essential elements he or she should know to make their marriage effective and successful.

4. Believing proper and cautious quarries may upset her or him

One may believe that too much investigation about future partner’s background may not be a great idea. As the other partner may find it horrible. This kind of believed procedure keeps many young man and woman from asking the right concerns before marriage.

5. Depending on others recommendation

Depending too much on a friend or family member’s recommendation. A large number of young man and woman often get married on the recommendation of family members or friends. While usually good friends and family members are considered as well wishers, marrying on their suggestion is not a good idea.

As their idea of a person can never equal to the knowledge the person has about herself or himself. So the person to be married remains in a better place to select compatible life partner. Finest way out is acting on their recommendation only after effective completion of compatibility check.

6. Getting married to make someone else pleased

Sometimes, people get married to make someone else pleased and happy. It may be their parents, or other members of the family. There is no problem in making someone pleased if that does not jeopardize one’s own marriage. However, most of the time in such cases marriages occur without working out adequate care.

8 Common Marriage Mistakes to Know Before Getting Married

7. Not having the same GOALS

If you and your future partner avoid to talk about the same goal, and both of you wants to be in a different direction, then this could be a sign of future marriage conflict.

If both of you can’t agree on at least some basic goals on how to meet those, you and your partner will be opposing in different directions and that will eventually pull you apart.

Everyone has different goals, however if you want a strong relationship, you should have at least some goals that you and your partner both committed and excited about. Achieving those goals together will make your marriage more exiting and fulfilling.

8. Did not establish a better communication

The real key for a successful marriage is communication. If you and your future partner in life cannot sit and talk about plans, goals, and feelings or simple just about everything, and being secretive to each other, then both of you starting off your marriage by dishonest and that’s guaranteed for a future marriage failure.

There will always be a marriage problem, there will be a lot of obstacles that you both will face along the way, however if you both can talk about things and listen to each other, then both can stay calm and may find a solution that makes marriage life happy.

If both of you can’t communicate, then you should be careful and really think strongly if being married is the right choice for you.

If you really want a serious, lifetime commitment and successful marital relationship, you need to be cautious about the above things before getting married.

Good luck on your future marital relationship journey!

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8 Common Marriage Mistakes to Know Before Getting Married

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