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Quick & Easy Keyword Research For Blogging

To get traffic in the beginning, keyword search is critical.

If you simply create content for your website without optimizing your articles for important and relevant keywords, you’ll struggle to generate targeted traffic.

Keywords power your traffic campaigns and ultimately work towards gaining a secure position within the major search engines.

When you are able to rank for relevant keywords, you’ll be able to generate organic, natural (and highly targeted) traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo absolutely FREE!

Organic traffic is the ‘cream of the crop’ as far as traffic goes, because these visitors are exceptionally targeted.

When evaluating potential keywords, I highly recommend using the Google Keyword Tool.

This tool will help you quickly find high-traffic keywords in your niche, as well as to help you effectively evaluate the level of competition targeting different keywords, so that you can find less competitive, alternative phrases.

You should look for keywords that have at least 1,000 monthly searches, and no more than 150,000 results in Google.

Just enter the keyword string, wrapped ‘in quotes’ into Google and you’ll find out how many other websites are using that specific keyword based on the search results.

Every time you create a post, it should be based on one of the keywords you found. Use the keyword in the title of the post, at least twice in the content itself, and in the tags.

Don’t forget to include synonyms as well. Recent updates at Google have indicated that synonyms are important to overall ranking, so it’s very important that you write as naturally as possible and include various synonyms in your writing.


Because synonyms help Google determine your overall site theme, based on related keywords found throughout the pages and content on your website.

For example, if you are writing an article about ‘golf clubs’, you might also want to include words like ‘iron’, ‘wood’, ‘putter’, and some of the popular brand names for golf clubs. This will help you rank much better than simply repeating your main keyword over and over.

You will also want to make sure to use these keywords as anchor text whenever you create backlinks to your articles or content pages.

Google places a heavy weight on the anchor text used to link to a page as indication of its overall relevancy, so you will want to make sure at least half of your backlinks include your main keyword with additional backlinks focusing on alternative keywords, so that you’re able to rank for many different terms!

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Quick & Easy Keyword Research For Blogging
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