Why You Can’t Be ‘Friends’ With Your Ex Boyfriend? graphic

Why You Can’t Be ‘Friends’ With Your Ex Boyfriend?

Are you “friends” with your ex boyfriend? Here are 3 HUGE problems with agreeing to be friend with your ex if you want him back.

How To Unlock His Undying Devotion graphic

How To Unlock His Undying Devotion

When a man feels like a hero in a woman’s eyes, he swears his undying loyalty to her. He can’t help it.Most women don’t have that effect on him. So, how do you make a man feel like a hero? It sounds kind of silly. Do you have to engineer some kind of scenario where he has to save kids from a burning house or a little old lady from getting hit by a car? No. It’s a lot simpler than that.To make your man feel like a hero, there’s one easy thing you can do starting right now. Here’s how to unlock his undying devotion.

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