When was the last time you laughed and had a good time with your husband?

Is your marriage was once seemed fun and exiting now just seems kind of boring?

If your marriage is in need of joy refresher, and if you want to strengthen your marriage then here is a helpful list to get your started.

Here are 15 ways to have fun and gain new interest and spark your relationship at the same time with your husband again.

1. Watch Movies or TV Together

Watch any kind of movies or TV together that both of you will enjoy. It’s a great time to get closer and have fun together while watching your favorite tv shows.

2. Plan a Date Night

Plan a cheap date night that gets you both out of the house. Date nights don’t have to be expensive to have fun together.

3. Cook Together

Learn and try new recipe together. It heightens health, happiness and bonding as a married couple. Cooking is fun and the more fun, the more it will spiced-up your relationship with your husband.

4. Read a Book Together

Discover any new books that both of you will enjoy reading together and discuss about it. Reading together keeps a relationship balanced. And this will give you time to enjoy each other’s company while reading and cuddling.

5. Plan a Romantic Getaway

Explore unfamiliar parts of the world together. A Romantic getaway gives you both some quality time outside of your familial walls.

6. Work Out Together

Grab your husbands hand and invite him to be your work out partner. Working together can increase happiness and emotional bond with your relationship. And there’s so much fun and positive benefits of working out together.

7. Play Games Together

Playing any games together can be a great way of relieving stress. These will give you time to laugh and test your competitive spirit. Playing games together brings fun. And something to work on together have something really entertaining to talk about later on.

8. Celebrate Together

Couples who celebrate together, stays together. Celebrate those special moments of your married life and shared experiences. And it will brings back the good memories and happiness.

9. Renew Your Vows

Recreate the spark that brought you together by renewing your vows. It’s the perfect way to rekindle the flame and a fresh new start between you and your husband.

10. Create New Adventures

Getting out of your comfort zone as married couple will spice things up. You will create beautiful and lasting memories by conquering your fears as a couple.

11. Volunteering

Volunteer for a charity that dears to your heart as a couple. It will brings you closer together by spending time doing a meaningful and fun activity.

12. Create a New Hobby Together

There are plenty of new hobbies that are ideal and can actually bring your closer as a couple. It could be anything from photography, arts, to scrap-booking. Whatever it is, it will be an opportunity to create new fun activities and tradition that could last years and bring great memories.

13. Treat Yourself Together

Treating yourself together can be the great way to relax, have fun and recharge. Try some self-care routine that works for both of you.

14. Road Trips

If you and your husbands love driving, then road trips is something you can do much more frequently. These will keep things interesting and more time to each other while on the road trips.

15. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language as couple is an amazing way to have fun. It’s an amazing idea for both of you to learn new skill and have a good time while learning together.

There are plenty of activities to do together to spark your relationship and have fun with your husband again. What’s your list? I’d love to hear from you and leave us a comment below. 🙂

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